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PPC or pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to increase relevant visits to your website. When implemented correctly, this type of marketing is powerful as you only pay when someone is physically engaging with your brand by clicking a link to enter your website.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising
Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads PPC

What’s more, the visit will be from someone interested in your service or product. This is because your ad will only be displayed when a person in your target area searches for a keyword or keyphrase relevant to your business, thus improving your chances of winning a customer. You only pay once someone has clicked on the ad.

We call this type of advertising directive as the potential consumer has already recognised they have an issue or problem when conducting their search; they want to be directed to those that can fulfil their need or solve their problem.

Businesses require their advertising to create new leads from people who are in-market, actively interested in their service or product and at the decision-making stage. Google and Bing search ads are the perfect way to connect with customers when they are ready to buy.

Best Placed Services Display Network Ads
Display Network Ads

Display Network Ads

Other types of PPC ads can be used to create brand awareness; for example, a new service can use the google display network to target potential consumers based on their interests or demographics.

The Google display network includes thousands of websites on which colour ads in various sizes and styles can be shown to people who have a particular interest, are in a specified geographic area or are actively interested in the type of product or service you provide.

Best Placed Services Remarketing


This powerful technique allows an advertiser to retarget people who have already visited their website; it’s statistically proven people are more likely to purchase from businesses they recognise.

Remarketing enables you to stay in the consumer’s mind throughout the buying cycle by showing ads to customers who have already visited your website and are interested in your service.

Best Placed Services Tracking and Reporting
Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

Regular monitoring and reporting enable our team to understand how people interact with your ads and website. Knowing how your campaign works and how results are achieved is essential. Typically we will track clicks on email links, phone numbers, contact form completions or transactions. The data compiled enables us to improve advert performance.

Many businesses we work with achieve excellent results from Pay Per Click advertising; unlike SEO, PPC can be switched on and off on demand. This makes pay-per-click advertising a flexible, valuable source of leads for businesses of all sizes.

It is standard practice for our team to actively recommend a combination of both SEO and PPC, as it’s an excellent way of ensuring your business gets the best possible coverage in the search engines. However, as with all of our services, PPC management is available on a standalone basis.

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